Hi, I'm Kevin.

I'm a creative front-end engineer and crinkles is my UI development studio. I love CSS and live by some basic engineering principles.
Be artistic. Every interface should be unique, should have its own set of crinkles. Always learn to find new crinkles.
Learn. Always search to improve the core understanding of what you are doing. Keep thins interesting and challenging.
Be pragmatic. I seek to create accessible interfaces for all. That means that they have to be practical for all. Practical interfaces require practical solutions.
"A crinkle (/ˈkrɪŋk(ə)l/) is a wrinkle or crease on a surface. It highlights personality and uniqueness."

Recent projects



Layout and utility based CSS framework
SvelteKit project


Markdown based document website template
React project

State machine editor

Visual editor for finite state machines