"A crinkle (/ˈkrɪŋk(ə)l/) is a wrinkle or crease on a surface. It highlights personality and uniqueness."

Crinkles is a digital UI development studio. But this website is also the personal playground of Kevin Pennekamp. When you visit this website often, you will find changes almost every time. I also take extra care to ensure this is my website, by adding some personal favorite crinkles.

  • A minimal & vibrant CMYK color-scheme based on Two-FACE themed system by Guus Hoeve, called BACE (very original, I know).
  • Carefully selected typography around readability of text and code examples.
  • A fluid experience across screen sizes, which you will only notice if you actively resize your screen.
  • Modern CSS patterns to enhance the responsiveness of the website.

The current version of this website is created using SvelteKit and my own (S)CSS framework called Feo.